Programmes Offered


  • 1.5 yr onwards
  • 3.5 hrs daily
  • 5 days per week
  • 1:10 Teacher : Student
  • A Regular Day in Playschool


  • 2.5 yrs onwards
  • 3.5 hrs daily
  • 5 days per week
  • 1:10 Teacher : Student
  • A Regular Day in Nursery

Junior Kg

  • 3 yrs onwards
  • 3.5 hrs daily
  • 5 days per week
  • 1:10 Teacher : Student
  • A Regular Day in Junior KG

Senior Kg

  • 4 yrs onwards
  • 3.5 hrs daily
  • 5 days per week
  • 1:10 Teacher : Student
  • A Regular Day in Senior KG

Day Care (Also Available for
non-VIBGYOR students)

  • 1.5 yr onwards
  •  3 hrs OR 5.5 hrs
  • 6 days per week
  • 1:25 Teacher : Student
  • A Regular Day in KIDS Club

Our Advantages

  • Personalised

    With a remarkable teacher : student ratio of 1:10, you will be
    assured of your little ones receiving the attention and care they deserve, in order to become responsible global citizens of tomorrow. We take pride in being the first school to prioritise personalised learning to such an extent.

  • Customised

    Our curriculum has been masterfully created by our team of renowned teachers and early child-care academicians. We follow holistic approach where student learning is enriched by appropriately realistic life experiences.
    Our curriculum is regularly updated with the latest teaching and learning methodologies and techniques.

  • Enhanced

    At VIBGYOR, student safety is paramount.
    We focus intensively on regular training and
    sensitization programmes for our staff along with extensive
    use of technology with latest tracking mechanisms,
    which will ensure your peace of mind and make your
    children feel at home.

  • e-Learning

    We understand that digital collaboration is the future
    of our world. To supplement our traditional teaching
    methodologies we have additionally incorporated a customised
    virtual world to ensure that your children are ahead of the
    curve right from their early years.

  • Superior

    We have always taken pride in our superior levels of
    hygiene and sanitation. All are campuses are regularly sanitised
    by a trained team of professionals. Furthermore,
    due to the recent outbreak of Covid, we have also mandated
    a host of additional hygienic measures to be followed
    to ensure utmost sterility for our students.

  • Engaging
    Post-School Activities

    Our various post school activities have been an integral
    part of our services over the years to help students further nurture their passion. We provide our students with professional guidance in numerous performing arts like dance, drama, music and musical instruments like guitar, piano, keyboard, and so on. We regularly introduce new programmes, depending preferences,
    trends and choices.

  • parent

    Since our inception, we have incorporated numerous parent engagement activities so you can be a constant part of your child’s journey with us. Enhancing student-parent bond is also one of the most satisfying virtues of our journey together.

  • Trustworthy

    Our daycare centres cater to the needs of working
    parents by providing their children with a safe, secure,
    learning environment, while being a convenient option
    at the same time. This service is available
    to VIBGYOR and non-VIBGYOR children
    at all our centres.

  • pan india

    We have a growing presence in most of urban India;
    so you can be rest assured of a VIBGYOR centre in your present city or future city of your choice. Additionally, our network also facilitates a hassle-free transition between centres, while also ensuring no loss in academic progress, in case you decide to change your city of residence.

Our Journey

  • 2001

    A dream was born. After an eye-opening experience of the Indian educational system, Mr. Rustom Kerawalla decided to contribute in his own way, towards its long impending evolution.

  • 2004

    Following years of planning and effort, we set up our first VIBGYOR school in Goregaon – a prominently situated school that still stands proudly in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city.

  • 2005

    Upon seeing initial fruits of labour and and also a new requirement, we then set up our first residential school in Vadodara.

  • 2006

    As our schools were organically growing in number, there was even more focus on better quality curriculum. Also, newer departments like transportation, uniforms, stationery and other schooling supplies were added for convenience and consistent quality.

  • 2010

    Five new schools were added simultaneously in Bengaluru, the first real validation of our efforts, appreciation and growth story. By now, we had NN schools (no. to be confirmed by marketing)

  • 2016

    With our focus on increasing our student reach and overall impact, we also launched VIBGYOR Roots and Rise across various cities. We also shifted focus towards online and blended learning methodologies.

  • 2017

    We wanted to further give back to society. As a result, we proactively started assisting public schools in student curriculum, online content and teacher training along with school management – as part of our CSR initiatives. As of today, we are serving thousands of Balwadis, Anganwadis and similar government schools across India.

  • 2018

    Addition of a wider spectrum of learning aids like digitally blended curriculum with customised HD learning content with VIBGYOR mascots, VIBGYOR LMS, Online Teacher Training and Modern Internal ERP Systems for robust tracking, documenting and coordination requirements.

  • 2019

    We first ventured into the African continent with the sole intention of bringing a real change, not just in India but other places deprived of basic educational resources. The world is becoming smaller by the day and we aspire to be catalysts of hope and change, wherever it is needed the most.

  • 2020

    We are now prepared to start a brand new chapter post the Covid crisis. With Mr. Kerawalla leading the organisation, we are now more determined than ever to come out of this with minimal disruptions. Looking ahead, our key focus areas for our students will include international standards hygiene levels, strictly adhering to safety norms like social distancing, amplifying focus on e-learning content and methodologies, secure transportation to and from schools and lastly, ensuring positivity and enthusiasm in every child.

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