Welcome Note

Welcome Note

VIBGYOR KIDS was envisaged to holistically transform education for our children in today’s world. As we transition into the future with great pace; we, at VIBGYOR, have endlessly focused on combining traditional educational practices with new and innovative teaching approaches, which have been significant cornerstones throughout human evolution. In each period of modern history, there has been a fine blend of conventional and progressive learnings, which created further scope for advancement, sustainability and harmony.

We constantly strive to maintain this incredible alignment between the past, present and future; and infuse that synergy into learnings for our young stars.

We are equally committed to provide our students with a safe, hygienic and nurturing environment. Our teachers have been scientifically trained on parameters like contemporary teaching methodologies, student safety and health, student sensitivities, classroom participation, parent assistance, and so on. Our extensive training program and genuine fondness for children make the entire process even more meaningful, engaging and memorable.

I hope our website provides you with the information you are looking for. You are also welcome to visit our schools for any further assistance that you might require.

I would like to thank our existing parents for their continued faith and unwavering support for our schools over the years. For parents who are yet deciding about the way ahead, please be assured that your little ones will feel at home with us.

They will become ideal citizens of tomorrow’s world – blooming with love, knowledge, values and abundant beautiful memories from their school days.

It is our promise.

Yours Sincerely,

Rustom Kerawalla

Founder – Chairman