Who we are

Who we are

Tell Me And I Forget,Teach Me And I Remember,Involve Me And I Learn– Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to VIBGYOR Kids, the best pre-primary school in India!

VIBGYOR Kids is the top pre-primary school in India. We are passionate educators who firmly believe that the formative years of a child’s life should lay a strong and stable foundation into adulthood.The varied experiences and inculcation of core values and immersive thoughts during these crucial years greatly supplement a child’s lifelong journey of learning. Choosing VIBGYOR ensures that you have the best pre-school near you.

Being educators for nearly two decades, we deeply understand the importance of a child’s formative years. Considered the pioneers of early childhood education in India, we provide our learners with engaging experiences, both academic and non-academic.

At VIBGYOR Kids we believe in a revolutionary concept of early childhood education that is based on the theory of multiple intelligences and promoting all round development of the child.

Our customised curriculum is based upon certain key principles which include individualised attention, progressive thinking, cultivating important life skills, peer collaboration and healthy feedback.Our curriculum has been scientifically designed to suit the individual learning pace of each child while also being interactive, which helps it adapt to the child’s developmental requirements and needs.

At VIBGYOR Kids, w e seek to provide high quality infrastructure and safety precautions for our students. Our kids get a holistic education right from their formative years as they engage with the environment around them.

For more details, we warmly invite you for an information session at any of our schools.