The Preschool Curriculum

The early years are the most significant years for human growth, development and learning of all children including those with special needs due to disability conditions. The all-round capacities that emerge in 3 to 6 years age group are the pre-requisites for later success in school and life.

The Curriculum
Children are born with an incredible capacity and desire to learn. It is important that children are provided with rich experiences through play and activities that develop critical thinking and problem-solving, understanding about themselves which are age and developmentally appropriate. Pedagogical practices must include activities and experiences for all domains of development such as-cognitive, socio-emotional, language and literacy, physical-motor and creative and aesthetic which are interlinked. Ample opportunities should be provided to explore, understand, experiment, experience and transform information into meaningful content and skills.

Goals of Preschool Education
Learning and development in children is holistic, it advances in the areas of health, cognition, personal and social development and wellbeing simultaneously. Children learn at different times, in different ways and at different rates. The aim of preschool education is to facilitate optimum development of child’s full potential and lay the foundation for all round development and lifelong learning.