• Who are we?

    We are VIBGYOR Kids (Preschool), part of the VIBGYOR Group of Schools. Our first school was founded in Mumbai in 2004 and after nearly two decades in the educational sector, we are proud to be consistently positioned as one of India’s leading pioneers of modern education. While VIBGYOR Kids consists of Preschool Grades – Playschool, Nursery, Junior KG, Senior KG; VIBGYOR High caters to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, across various boards.

    We immensely value our journey since our inception, along with our passion for teaching, fondness for children, keen interest in latest teaching methodologies and finally, an accomplished team of senior teachers, educationists and academicians, who are constantly working towards the best-crafted curriculum for our students.

  • Where are we located?

    We are currently present in 39 schools across 14 cities in India and extremely thankful for this number growing over the years; since it is direct validation of students’ and parents’ faith in us.

  • Is my child eligible to join VIBGYOR Kids?

    VIBGYOR Kids offers various programmes for children who are 1.5 yr and older. Every student is unique to us with an infinite potential to make a difference to our world tomorrow.

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  • How are we different?

    At VIBGYOR Kids, we take pride in creating a customised, well-researched curriculum by our renowned team of senior teachers, educationists and academicians. The curriculum is regularly updated to ensure all classroom teachings are synergized with latest academic advancements to ensure that your child receives modern, relevant and holistic education. Additionally, we are also differentiated by a few other measures like digitally blended classroom and home lessons, enhanced student safety and comfort, personalised teaching methodologies, various post-school activities, enrichment activities, secure daycare and finally, a team of loving, dedicated and well-trained teachers who will ensure your peace of mind, every single day.

  • What are our key safety measures?

    At VIBGYOR Kids, student safety is our utmost priority. For the same, all our centers have a variety of enhanced safety measures in place, few of which are 24/7 CCTV cameras on campus and buses, Unique Student Tracking ID, robust visitor management system to block unauthorised entry, trained female attendants on every floor, in lifts and buses.

    Additionally, all staff members are also verified by local authorised bodies, as is mandated by the government.

    We maintain superior hygiene levels in and around the kitchen areas to ensure that students always receive healthy, hygienic, fresh food. We also have a variety of safety measures in place during student bus commutes to and from school, which include Parent SMS alerts, trained female attendant on-bird and live bus tracking, to name a few.

  • What is the VIBGYOR Kids Advantage?

    With our team of talented and caring teachers, you can be assured that VIBGYOR Kids is the best choice you can make. Our teacher : student ratio of 1 : 10 has consistently been the best amongst schools, ensuring your children’s learnings receive the personal attention required to grow into learned, respected and social citizens of the future.

    Our exceptional customized curriculum, enhanced safety parameters, regular student-parent-teacher engagement, focus on various activities under sports and performing arts, focus on health and holistic nutrition of your child and lastly, ensuring that your child imbibes positivity, empathy, awareness, creativity, innovation along with a lot of fun!

  • What is the parent partnership programme at VIBGYOR Kids?

    Childhood is the most special phase for a lifetime of memories. Keeping this thought in mind, we have designed our pre-primary curriculum in ways that involve regular parent engagement and interaction. Special days emphasising on importance of family like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Grandparents’ Day are celebrated in school to promote deeper bonds of familial values amongst our students.

  • Do children go on field trips?

    Yes, we do take our student for numerous field trips to destinations we believe will memorably enhance their learning experiences in school.

    More details can be obtained upon enquiry.

  • Does VIBGYOR Kids provide transportation facilities?

    Yes, of course. We have school buses which cater to traveling requirements of local students. Our buses are equipped with a range of safety and tracking features, mentioned above. More details regarding school transportation – bus routes, timings, stops, etc can be obtained from the individual school webpage.

  • Does VIBGYOR Kids provide snacks to children?

    Yes. We provide healthy, nutritious meals to our students on a daily basis. More details regarding snacks and food items can be found on our Cafeteria Page