COVID – Related

COVID – Related

  • In the ongoing pandemic scenario, what is the value of
    online education for my child at VIBGYOR Kids?

    The ongoing pandemic needs innovative solutions based on robust developmental evidence and high interactivity levels. The first five years lay the foundation for life and children go through a period of rapid learning in these years. Hence, online pre-school education with the help of trained ECCE teachers are an invaluable resource in today’s times to keep children on their developmental track. Virtual learning methodologies through online education is the best way to keep children engaged in meaningful, age-appropriate and developmentally stimulating experiences.


    Parents need not be sceptical of the ‘new normal’ with Online Learning. The online school module adds value to a little child’s learning journey since it primarily involves the teacher narrating stories, singing rhymes, playing games, teaching yoga, counting objects, naming colours, guessing letters, playing interactivities and other engaging digital resources, which usually brings a smile to the child’s face.

    The focus of online learning is primarily on activities which nurture cognitive, social, emotional and language stimulation that children require through active engagement.

  • Why can I myself not provide the above through homeschooling and
    admit my child when schools actually start after the pandemic?

    Though homeschooling has always been an option even prior to the pandemic, the overall routine, curriculum, teacher and peer interaction are what is actually required by a preschooler to develop holistically.

    We, at VIBGYOR Kids, give the homeschool connection in three parts:

    a) Teacher- student connection- Through ‘face-time’ during online classes

    b) Parent-child interaction– Activities which parents can do with their children and reinforce/experiment /play /engage in activities introduced by the teacher in class. All our digital resources on literacy, numeracy and other age appropriate concepts are shared with parents which could also be used at home.

    c) Independent activities– Basic tasks like yoga, home chores and social activities that children can do with minimal help are also prescribed regularly.