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Vibgyor Kids Preschool is a well-established play school in Kolhapur. Founded in 2010, Vibgyor Kids, play school in Kolhapur offers classes from pre-primary level to senior kindergarten. The well-researched curriculum offered by the preschool offers promise of holistic education.

Aiming to impart a happy and safe learning environment for the young scholars, the school provides a seamless blend of academics, sports, performing arts, community and experiential learning programmes. A dedicated and professional faculty with ideal teacher student ratio of 1:10 ensures that each child gets the attention to grow and learn at their own pace.
The preschool in Kolhapur campus hosts 12 bright and colorful air-conditioned classrooms, a well-stocked library featuring 1445 books, flash cards and audio-visual CDs.
Facilities offered within preschool campus include a sandpit area, sick bay, toy room, baby pool, canteen, covered play area, ball pool room and a kids club.

The preschool follows five types of pedagogies: Project method, Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Playway method, Montessori method and Reggio Emilia. The curriculum has been designed for preschoolers by qualified childhood professionals having quality experience in preschool education and focuses on the psychological, intellectual, and physical development of the little child.
The school offers child centred and age appropriate enrichment programmes. The students are provided with well-equipped play rooms with child friendly and non-toxic toys.

Extra-curricular activities:
The school in Kolhapur offers swimming, skating, dance and art and craft as extra-curricular activities.

Vibgyor Kids, school in Kolhapur, is sited amidst a verdant backdrop on Mudshingi Road in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, offering an environment conducive to learning.

Frequently Asked Questions about Play School and Pre Schools in Kolhapur
1. Which is the top primary school in Kolhapur?
Vibgyor Kids is the top primary school in Kolhapur.

2. Is nursery school the same as preschool in Kolhapur?
Both preschool and nursery school in Kolhapur accept children between the ages of three and five, while nursery schools typically accept children both younger and older.

3. Do pre schools have a curriculum?
At VIBGYOR Kids, we are thus focused on knowledge frameworks that encompass a progressive pattern of relevant and purposeful learning experiences, while catering to all the developmental needs of the student. A well-researched curriculum designed by our experts ensures a significant contribution to a student’s overall growth.

4. What is the syllabus of pre nursery school in Kolhapur (Uchgaon)?
Nursery Syllabus for Environment & Manners
• Awareness about good eating habits.
• Saying ‘No’ to junk food.
• Eat healthy food.
• Importance of greenery.
• Planting trees.
• Discussion n good health and hygiene.
• Self grooming.
• Use of dustbins.

5. What is play school in Kolhapur?
A playschool in Kolhapur is an informal type of school for very young children where they learn things by playing.

6. What are the usual schooling hours for nursery schools in Kolhapur near me?
The usual schooling hours for nursery school in Kolhapur are as below.
Offline class: Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 12.00 pm
Online class: Monday to Friday 1 hr 15 min

7.What is the fee structure for Pre Primary, Nursery & play School in Kolhapur Near me in uchgaon?
The fee structure for Pre Primary, Nursery & play School in Kolhapur Near me in uchgaon can be inquired from Admission office of the play school in Kolhapur.

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    Greetings from the Coordinator!

      Dear Parents,

      It is rightly said that the best teacher teaches from her heart and considers teaching as a pious profession.

      Each child’s curiosity to learn must be encouraged and developed in a positive character and a realistic self-image. VIBGYOR’s specially-created interactive curriculum is age- appropriate and also scientifically designed to suit the different learning pace of children, while keeping a blend of international standards with Indian requirements.

      For me personally, teaching is a chance to touch a child’s life in a positive way and promote all-round development. I enjoy and always look forward to engage with them in fun–filled activities and maximise their overall potential. As parents and teachers, we can inspire young minds to ideate better and thus, prepare them for the challenges of our dynamically-changing world.

      Ms. Bijal Mehta
      VIBGYOR KIDS – Uchgaon

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