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Founded in 2014, VIBGYOR Kids, preschool in Airoli, Mumbai is one of the newest additions to the VIBGYOR Kids chain of preschools spread across the country. The nursery schools in Airoli aims to offer a safe learning environment and maintains the highest standards of hygiene. Offering schooling from pre-primary level through senior kindergarten, the preschool maintains a strict teacher-student ratio of 1:10, ensuring individual attention to its students.

The 2 acre preschool campus boasts 17 fully air-conditioned and technology enabled class rooms, a well-stocked library featuring 862 books, cafeteria and sick bay, kids club, swimming pool, play area, CCTV surveillance system and bus transport with vehicle tracking system.

The preschool follows five types of pedagogies – Project method, Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Playway method, Montessori method and Reggio Emilia. The curriculum has been designed for preschoolers by qualified childhood professionals having quality experience in preschool education and fosters a higher level of thinking through exploration and guided play.

Best Nursery School in Airoli

Our curriculum is an engaging mélange of modern developments in Early Childhood Education combined with the traditional contributions of well-renowned Early Childhood Educationists like John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Maria Montessori, Friedrich Froebel and Erik Erikson to name a few. Vibgyor Kids is one of the best preschools & kids nursery schools in Pune.

Extra-curricular activities:
VIBGYOR celebrates all the special days and special events and takes the students out for the field trips as an extension to their learning programme.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pre Schools in Airoli, Navi Mumbai
1. What is the Preschool Curriculum for play schools in Airoli, Navi Mumbai?
Pre school curriculum aim at helping the teachers, administrators, policy planners and other stakeholders to provide good quality preschool education to children. The curriculum at Nursery school in Airoli addresses all the domains of development through the following three broad goals.
Goal 1: Children Maintain Good Health and Wellbeing
Goal 2: Children Become Effective Communicators
Goal 3: Children become involved learners and connect with their immediate environment

2. What is the right age for preschools in Airoli, Navi Mumbai?
Preschool at Navi Mumbai envisions promoting access to universal, equitable, joyful, inclusive and contextualised learning opportunities for ensuring holistic development of all children between 3-6 years of age.
The best age to enroll your child in a pre-school in Navi Mumbai(Airoli) is between the age of 1.5 years onwards.

3. What is the process of getting admission into Nursery school in Airoli, Navi Mumbai?
Getting an Application form
After making the initial decisions, the next step is to schedule a tour around the best Nursery school in Navi Mumbai and get an application form. The popular schools give out a limited number of forms so the parents need to be very careful about the issuing dates and be early to make sure that are able to get one. So you need to know how you can get the applications form well in advance.
Interview of Child
Most of the Nursery school in Navi Mumbai for an interview with the child. This is a second round of screening process after the application forms are sorted out.

4. What is the selection criterion for nursery school admission in Airoli, Navi Mumbai?
To be eligible for admission in nursery schools in Navi Mumbai, the child must fulfill the age criteria specified below. No deviation whatsoever from these dates shall be entertained.
1.Nursery – Child should complete 2.5 years
2. For Sr. Kg – 4 years

5. Which is best preschool in Airoli, Navi Mumbai?
Below are the best schools in Navi Mumbai:
Vibgyor Kids Airoli
Vibgyor Kids Kharghar

6. Why Vibgyor Kids is best nursery schools in Airoli, Navi Mumbai?
From alphabets to developing social skills, best nursery schools in navi mumbai is dedicated to lay the right foundation for education and learning of your child. Vibgyor Kids Airoli have the responsibility of building a positive environment where the teachers orient a child’s development in the right direction by working on their social behaviour, motor skills, language development and emotional development. With the best nursery schools in navi mumbai, we equip the child with confidence and learning abilities that transcend into increased academic achievements in the future.

7. What are the admission guidelines for nursery school in Airoli, Navi Mumbai?
The child’s age must be between 2.5 years onwards to be eligible for Vibgyor Kids, best nursery schools in navi mumbai admission 2021 .

8. Will the play schools in Navi Mumbai offer transportation facilities?
Transport at best play schools in navi mumbai is an optional facility for parents. Vibgyor Kids Preschools provide bus/transport facility either from their side or a few of them outsource it.

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    Greetings from the Coordinator!

      Dear Parents,

      “There are two gifts we should always provide our children, Roots and Wings.”

      – Anonymous

      I admire the above quote as it speaks of providing children with a stable foundation as well as always aiming to soar high.

      When we speak of roots, it means laying a strong base for our children by providing them with the right nourishment and learning environment for holistic growth. The idea of wings connotes creativity, confidence and imagination.

      Change is the only constant. Over the years, the definition of success has changed along with the skills required for being successful. Our educational system also has brought parallel changes to ably support the future of our children.

      At VIBGYOR, we understand the importance of using a balanced and scientific approach that comprises of socio-emotional interactions, modern learning methodologies and personalized learning mechanisms.

      Personally, it is an esteemed honour to be a part of this institution and serve our little ones with dedication and compassion.

      Ms. Meghna Joshi
      VIBGYOR KIDS – Airoli

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    • Kalwa
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    • Koparkhairne
    • Mulund (East)
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    • Powai
    • Rabale
    • Sanpada
    • Seawood
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