Best Play School and Pre School in Nashik, Makhmalabad

Levels Offered

  • Playschool in Nashik
  • Nursery in Nashik
  • Junior KG in Nashik
  • Senior KG in Nashik
  • Daycare in Nashik

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the usual schooling hours for nursery schools in Vibgyor Kids Nashik?
Vibgyor Kids Nashik pre-primary and nursery school conduct classes for about 4 to 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Timing may differ from school to school, hence check beforehand.

2. Which board of education is affiliated with nursery schooling?
CBSE board is affiliated with nursery schooling for the children in pre-primary section.

3. Are nursery students involved in cultural activities conducted at Vibgyor Kids Nashik school?
Yes, the teachers at Vibgyor kids Nashik school ensure to involve students in various cultural activities conducted by the school.

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    Greetings from the Coordinator!

      Dear Parents,

      At VIBGYOR, we believe that the journey through school years is an extremely special one, where children are at the heart of our thoughts and our decisions. We strive hard to ensure they are happy, confident and thus, begin their journey towards independent learning and academic excellence.

      Our engaging curriculum provides our little learners with a strong foundation along with being fun at the same time.

      Today, the role of a school is not limited to pursuing only instant academic excellence but it has also expanded to empower its learners to be lifelong learners with a holistic overview.

      We provide our learners on all fronts required for their healthy development in which they grow and learn in a positive environment.

      Ms. Sonali Jadhav
      VIBGYOR RISE – Makhmalabad

    Areas Covered - School Transportation

    • Anusaya Nagar
    • Atharv Colony
    • Ayodhya Nagar
    • Balwant Nagar
    • Bhaktidham
    • Boargad
    • Budwar Peth
    • Cdo-meri Colony
    • Chachadgaon
    • City Centre Mall
    • Dasak
    • Dwarka
    • Ganesh Nagar
    • Gangapur Road
    • Ghadge Nagar
    • Gulmohar Nagar
    • Hanuman Nagar
    • Konark Nagar
    • Mhasrul Gaon
    • Panchak
    • Panchvati
    • Phule Nagar
    • Pokar Colony
    • Rambhoomi
    • Ramkrishna Nagar
    • Royal Colony
    • Samarth Nagar
    • Samta Nagar
    • Satpur Colony
    • Savarkar Nagar
    • Sindhi Colony
    • Tapowan
    • Thakare Mala
    • Vaiduwadi
    • Vidya Nagar
    • Vijay Nagar
    • Vivekanand Nagar
    • Vrindavan Nagar