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Levels Offered

  • Playschool in (Chinchwad) Pune
  • Nursery in (Chinchwad) Pune
  • Junior KG in (Chinchwad) Pune
  • Senior KG in (Chinchwad) Pune
  • Daycare in (Chinchwad) Pune

Pre-schools introduce the concept of education to children. Nursery schools in Chinchwad, Pune train kids to adapt to a new surroundings. Ideas and concepts like language, counting, alphabets, etc. are taught interactively for a better understanding of children. Vibgyor Kids Nursery schools have specially qualified teachers who provide the best care to kids and training them at a young age, laying the foundation of education for a bright future.

From alphabets to developing social skills, Vibgyor Kids preschools in Chinchwad and across India are dedicated to lay the right foundation for education and learning for your child.

Concepts and subjects introduced to children at nursery schools in Pune, Vibgyor Kids
Numbers and maths: Counting and understanding numbers are the initial foundation for understanding maths. Nursery schools Chinchwad, Pune has, arrange many activities and games to teach the concept of numbers to children. Counting, understanding shapes, etc. are taught interactively to kids at these schools.

Communication: Toddlers are encouraged to talk to peers and teachers so as to develop their communication skills besides boosting self-confidence in them.

Art and drama: Creativity encourages children to explore various emotional aspects. Drama, painting, drawing, craft, etc. allow children to channel their creative ideas in life. Children who engage in creativity generally develop empathy towards self and others. Teachers at nursery schools hone the creative side of kids and help them further engage in activities they develop a liking for.

Cognitive development: Toddlers are curious by nature; Pune nursery schools promote this curiosity to teach children various concepts. Cognitive thinking develops knowledge, problem-solving, and overall brain development in children.

Extracurricular activities conducted at Chinchwad, Pune nursery schools
Library: Storytelling and reading are an important part of learning at a young age. Pre-primary section of schooling have dedicated library hours for kids to listen to teachers reading stories to them.

Field trips: Onsite visits help children understand the importance of services received. Children have a developing curious mind which lets them understand things better when they get hands-on experience.

Annual day: Organizing talent shows and cultural ensures kids participate in these activities and benefit on various fronts. Parents can connect with Chinchwad, Pune nursery schools to know more about the same.

Festivities: Celebrating various festivals promotes harmony amongst children.

All-women staff; Trained and certified teachers
Security guard at entrance
Hygienic and pollution-free classrooms
Soft cladding and non-toxic toys
Library corners in all classrooms
Music, Literacy and numeracy corner
Pretend and play corner
Safe and immersive indoor play areas
Teacher-to-child ratio of 1:10
Spacious outdoor play area

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the usual schooling hours for nursery schools in Pune?
Most pre-primary and nursery schools conduct classes for about 4 to 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Timing may differ from school to school, hence check beforehand.

2. Are nursery students involved in cultural activities conducted at the school?
Yes, the teachers at these schools ensure to involve students in various cultural activities conducted by the school. It is suggested that parents inquire about the list of activities conducted by the school before enrolling their child.

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    Greetings from the Coordinator!

      Dear Parents,

      Children are our future and when we nurture our future with love, care and emotions, they will always grow into happy, healthy, young adults.

      At VIBGYOR Chinchwad, we provide our young learners with a curriculum that is based on play, real-life interactions, nurturing relationships and also cultivating problem-solving skills, critical thinking and creativity. However, most importantly, also making our learners, parents and teachers happy.

      We groom our little angles into well-mannered, well-aware, cultured, disciplined and smart learners which is only possible with the latest learning methodologies, supplemented with love and care.

      To conclude,

      “We do not prepare the road for our children. We prepare our children for the road.”

      Ms. Aparna Bhat
      VIBGYOR RISE – Chinchwad

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