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  • Playschool in Wagholi, Pune
  • Nursery in Wagholi, Pune
  • Junior KG in Wagholi, Pune
  • Senior KG in Wagholi, Pune
  • Daycare in Wagholi, Pune

The VIBGYOR Group of Schools inaugurated its new school at Wagholi in Pune. The school is strategically located at VTP Purvanchal, Wagholi-Kesnand-Wadegaon Road and with this VIBGYOR Kids will now be present in nine locations across the city. The students receives in class training in a spectrum of athletic and artistic activities ranging from fitness to games, to skating, football, basketball, Judo as well as music, dance, speech and drama. Vibgyor Kids Wagholi have pre-primary, Nursery, Junior KG, Senior KG and Daycare. Pre primary school education plays a vital role in a child’s life, as it provides an enriched environment, academic simulation and many socialisation opportunities to young children by play school in Pune. Concepts and subjects introduced to children at nursery schools in play school in Pune. Pre-primary education by pre school in Pune provides a solid foundation for children, allowing them to assimilate knowledge more easily as they progress through their academic careers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Play School and Pre Schools in Pune
1. Which is the top preschool in pune?
Vibgyor Kids Wagholi is the top preschool in Pune.

2. What is the syllabus of pre nursery school in Pune (Wagholi)?
Vibgyor Kids provides teacher friendly manuals to facilitate the syllabus effectively, resulting in measurable milestones. The Wagholi preschool syllabus is designed to ensure that it’s age appropriate and engaging for the targeted age demographic.

3. What is pre school curriculum in Pune?
Wagholi Kids, one of the best pre schools in Pune, caters to Montessori preschool, and kindergarten school levels.

4. What are the usual schooling hours for nursery schools in Pune near me?
Offline class: Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 12.00 pm
Online class: Monday to Friday 1hr 15 min

5. What are facilities provided by Vibgyor kids best play school in pune?
The basic facilities provided by a Vibgyor kids preschool includes a clean and hygienic environment, well-qualified teachers, student-friendly classrooms, a variety of toys or game materials, blackboards, playgrounds, limited time for study and more time for play.

6. Is nursery school the same as preschool in Pune?
A nursery will usually care for children from six weeks of age until they start primary school, with some even caring for school age children. However, a preschool will usually care for children between the ages of three and five who are not yet old enough to start primary school.

7. How is the best preschool system in Pune?
Wagholi Kids, pune preschools have: A solid reputation in the community, a warm and comforting environment, passionate teachers and staff, active learning, child-friendly facilities.

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    Greetings from the Coordinator!

      Dear Parents,

      The need of hour is to encourage children to explore while making their education engaging, so they develop the desire to learn new things at a very early stage.

      We need to be observant to their response to the surroundings and uncover their interests, while also providing them with ideal environment to explore, learn, and also develop specific skills which will prepare them for the future world.

      At VIBGYOR, we ensure that your child will cherish the learning process and the overall experience
      that accompanies it.

      Ms. Neena Kulkarni
      VIBGYOR RISE – Wagholi

    Areas Covered - School Transportation

    • Awhalwadi
    • Bakori
    • Chandan Nagar
    • Kalyani Nagar
    • Keshav Nagar
    • Kesnand
    • Kharadi
    • Kharadi Bypass Road
    • Manjari
    • Mundhwa
    • Rakshak Nagar
    • Shastri Nagar
    • Wadebolai
    • Wadgaon Sheri
    • Wagholi
    • Yerwada