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    Greetings from the Coordinator!

      Dear Parents,

      Welcome to VIGBYOR ROOTS

      In 2016, VIBGYOR proudly launched its new brand of schools- VIBGYOR Roots (Pre-school) and VIBGYOR Rise (High School), a new division of the VIBGYOR Group of Schools proposed to be affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

      VIBGYOR Roots, the preschool division is synonymous to the word roots, and will focus on strengthening the students’ foundation years. It will focus on the

      • Holistic Education through a Balanced Educational Programme including academics, co-curricular activities and performing arts.
      • Focus on 21st century skills and values.
      • Imparting quality education in a play-way method, amidst the best atmosphere.
      • Knowledge and understanding of the world – Practical Life, Nature and Environment
      • Enhanced Foundational Skills – Perceptual , Cognitive Skills , Socio-Emotional Skills
      • Development of Multiple Intelligences – Activity based learning. Exploratory and discovery way of learning, balanced literary approach.
      • Interactive, flexible, child centric curriculum – high quality, customized digital content.
      • Blended learning – Digital media with classroom experiences – Flashcards, Audios, Videos and interactive .

      The need of hour is to encourage kids to explore , make education fun and interesting so they develop the liking to learn new things at much early stage. We need to be observant to the child’s response to the surroundings and uncover his/her interests and provide them with right tools and right medium to explore, learn , develop skills and values which will help in moving forward in life.

      We are confident your child will enjoy learning and develop skills to be ready to face life challenges .

      We welcome your feedback and suggestions .

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      Ms. Neena Kulkarni
      VIBGYOR RISE – Wagholi

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    • bakaori
    • chandan nagar
    • kalyaninagar
    • keshavnagar
    • kesnanad
    • kharadi
    • kharadi by pass
    • manjari
    • mundhwa
    • rakshaknagar
    • shashtrinagar
    • wadebholai
    • wadgaonsheri
    • wagholi
    • yerwada