Enrichment Programmes

Enrichment Programmes

Our Enrichment Programme provides holistic development of our students by helping them enhance their personal confidence, social mannerisms and basic vocational skills. The Programme has been specifically designed to positively channelise our students’ curiosity, along with adding depth to their learnings, building their ability to create pragmatic solutions, while also fostering their love for creative exploration and the little joys of discoveries. The programme presents to our students an additional opportunity to create, learn, explore and play.

It is a unique daily programme offering that has been specially planned for our students and lasts for 30 minutes, with each day being differently designed. During this time, our dedicated teachers also collect your child’s arts and crafts creations in the form of paintings, drawings, clay models, photographs, videos and so on. The same is tabulated and shared with you during your child’s PTM, to add to the collection of beautiful, lifelong school memories.

Few activities conducted during our Enrichment Programme are:


    These constitute all enrichment activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics – STEAM. It is a proven technique for modern learning which helps our students integrate knowledge across various disciplines, which in turn encourages them to problem-solve in a more connected manner, right from their early days.

  • Stories Come Alive

    Students are encouraged to interpret numerous stories in their own ways; Whether through dramatics, story-telling, puppetry, musical plays, imaginary situations and so on.

  • Fit Camp

    Our outdoor and indoor fitness activities are planned for developing our students’ gross motor, social and teamplay skills via a variety of games, sports, gymnasiums
    and so on.

  • I Am Special

    These are free-play sessions for students where activities are planned around their own interests, preferences and various multiple intelligences, as has been famously prescribed by Howard Gardner in 1983.

  • Experience of the month

    A theme-based month, which revolves around various significant personal experiences of our students. Few examples are:

    • Nature Lovers
    • Little Expressions
    • Best out of Waste
    • Little Chefs at Work
    • Language Champions
    • Let’s go ‘Glocal’ – local + global
    • Leaders and Entrepreneurs: T.E.A.M