Our Differentiators

Our Differentiators

  • Customised

    Our curriculum has been
    specially created by our
    in-house team of distinguished
    Early Childhood Education (ECE) specialists
    with your children’s most basic needs in mind.
    Our curriculum development team is a delightful melting pot, comprising of renowned
    educationists with illustrious careers, although varying in age and experience levels. This ideal mix, accompanied by their collective passion for imparting holistic education, presents us with a beautifully-crafted, holistic curriculum.

  • Individual

    To highlight our philosophy
    of Individual Learning Programmes,
    VIBGYOR Kids adhere to a
    Teacher:Student ratio of 1:10,
    thereby ensuring that every student receives adequate individual attention, which is the key to personalised, simplified and holistic learning.

  • Assured
    to VIBGYOR High

    VIBGYOR Kids Preschools
    provide an assured and smooth
    admission to VIBGYOR High, while
    also adhering to a zero donation policy.
    In case the student moves base to another city where VIBGYOR is present, she/ he will be given preference for admission during the admission process in the new city. Our scripted teaching methodologies ensure that the student adjusts without any hassle in case of inter-city transfers.

  • Proficient

    We take great care in
    selecting our teachers who would
    subsequently support the overall growth
    of the child. Our teachers are individuals
    with great passion for children and an intention
    of making a real change in the world. They are scientifically trained in the ‘VIBGYOR way’ so that they better understand our aspirations in education. Our teaching and non-teaching staff offer personalized care and support while motivating young minds to explore, understand and absorb, so that every VIBGYOR Kid is provided with a strong foundation for life.

  • Parent

    Learning is incomplete
    without the involvement of parents,
    especially at this tender age. To
    formulate a successful Individual
    Learning Programme for our students, we
    continously seek feedback and suggestions
    from parents. Regular updates on the child’s progress are also shared with parents via PTMs and technological tools. Further, we also integrate numerous activities centered around family life, for example, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day and Festivals which celebrate the importance of family and friends.

  • Positive

    We provide a warm,
    engaging and loving
    environment, which helps
    our students to become better
    learners. We also have the highest
    standards of student safety and hygiene. With child-friendly and age-appropriate toys and equipment, a garden, a splash pool and a play area every child can settle in and find
    his own space.

  • Zero

    We have a zero donation
    policy across all our centers.
    We take pride in complete transparency,
    fairness and equality, especially during a
    crucial time like the admission process. We believe that every child has an equal right to quality education and unnecessary donations of any kind, greatly affect the School-Student-Parent partnership. We consider Zero Donation to be one of our key differentiators because of the unfortunate prevalence of forced donations and similar unnecessary requests in numerous other schools across the country.

  • Enhanced

    At VIBGYOR, student safety
    is paramount. We focus intensively
    on regular training and sensitization programmes for our staff along with
    extensive use of technology with latest tracking mechanisms, which will ensure your peace of mind and make your children feel at home.