Daycare (Kids Club)

Daycare (Kids Club)

Our daycare schools, also called KIDS Club cater to the needs of working parents by providing their children with a safe, secure, learning environment, while being a convenient option at the same time. This service is available to VIBGYOR and non-VIBGYOR children at all our schools.

Activities for the KIDS Club incorporate the following broad aspects of child development:

  • Social Activities

    These activities help strengthen children’s social interaction abilities and also build self-confidence.

  • Enrichment Activities

    These activities build cognitive skills, specifically in critical thinking, listening, memory and visualization.

  • Creative Activities

    These activities develop and enhance the creative, imaginative and artistic skills of your children.

  • Educational Activities

    These activities usually consist of home assignments, tasks and projects which are conducted under teacher supervision.

  • Physical Activities

    These activities help in developing your children’s fine motor skills and gross motor skills, leading to better physical strength and mental agility.

Few key highlights of KIDS Club are:

  • Technology to Technologies
  • Personalised Attention
  • Adherence to VIBGYOR Curriculum
  • Age-Appropriate Enrichment Programmes
  • Multiple Daily Batches
  • Adventurous Field Trips
  • Dedicated Homework Time
  • Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas
  • Fresh, Nutritious and Delicious Meals
  • Secure Transportation Facilities
  • Six Days Weekly