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With a network of 36 preprimary schools operating across 13 cities, Vibgyor Kids playschool is ranked amongst one of the best preschools in surat. Vibgyor Kids preschools in Surat, Gujarat aims to inculcate a holistic curriculum to the daily learning schedule of the little ones using technical aids. We have a multilayer set-up of programs, starting from playgroup, Nursery, Junnior KG and Senior KG. Vibgyor Kids provides a complete package of Montessori programs for kids ranging from 2 to 5 years of age.

Vibgyor Kids Nursery schools in Surat train kids to adapt to a new environment. Ideas and concepts like language, counting, alphabets, etc. are taught interactively for a better understanding of children. Nursery schools in Surat have specially trained teachers who provide the best care to kids and training them at a young age, laying the foundation of education for a bright future. Teachers at nursery schools hone the creative side of kids and help them further engage in activities they develop a liking for.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pre and Play Schools in Surat
Concepts and subjects introduced to children at nursery schools in Surat. Counting and understanding numbers are the initial foundation for understanding maths. Nursery schools Surat has, arrange many activities and games to teach the concept of numbers to children. Counting, understanding shapes, etc. are taught interactively to kids at these schools. Vibgyor Kids is one of the best preschools in Surat. The school has a safe, warm, love, joy and exciting environment.

1. What is the Curriculum for best preschool in Surat?
The curriculum either depends on a particular methodology of teaching or is designed incorporating a combination of teaching methods and philosophies. Vibgyor Kids is the best preschool in surat also have a day care center with caretakers to look after children in the absence of their parents.

2. What is the right age for best play schools in Surat?
Generally, children between the ages of 2.5 to 4 years are enrolled in the best play schools in surat, Vibgyor Kids.

3. What is the process of getting admission into Nursery school in Surat?
Parents have to fill up admission forms to enrol their kids at best play schools in Surat. Many schools even conduct personal interviews to understand the students’ aptitude.

4. What is the selection criterion for top nursery school admission in Surat?
As per the criteria set down by the Directorate of Education, a child should be between 3 to 4 years of age to be admitted into Class Nursery. A child less than 3 years of age or more than 4, will not be considered fit for admission into best play schools in surat.

5. Which is best preschool in Surat?
Nursery section is the stepping stone to education for children. Vibgyor Kids nursery schools in Surat aim at providing quality education to kids. Vibgyor Kids, best play schools in Surat offers conceptual learning alongside academic knowledge to ensure better development of kids.

6. Why Vibgyor kids is best nursery schools in Surat?
Nursery section is the stepping stone to education for children. Nursery schools in Surat aim at providing quality education to kids. These schools offer conceptual learning alongside academic knowledge to ensure better development of kids. Best nursery schools in Surat also have excellent facilities to ensure the all-round development of students.

Spacious and beautiful school building
Bio Laboratory
Physic Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory
Composite Lab
Computer Room
Library Facilities
Art Room
Toy Room
Personalised Learning Centre
Math Lab
Basketball court
Football court
Skating Rink
Dance studio
Music room
Speach and Drama room
Cricket net practice
Thermal scan and temperature check for students.

Library: Storytelling and reading are an important part of learning at a young age. Pre-primary section of schooling have dedicated library hours for kids to listen to teachers reading stories to them.

Field trips: Onsite visits help children understand the importance of services received. Children have a developing curious mind which lets them understand things better when they get hands-on experience.

Annual day: Organizing talent shows and cultural ensures kids participate in these activities and benefit on various fronts. Parents can connect with Surat nursery schools to know more about the same.

Festivities: Celebrating various festivals promotes harmony amongst children. It teaches them about different religions and their values, encouraging them to understand religious harmony and unity.

7. What are the admission guidelines for pre nursery school in Surat?
As per the GR, a child has to complete 3 years by December 31 to be eligible for pre nursery school in Surat.

8. Will the play schools in Surat offer transportation facilities?
Vibgyor Kids, play schools in surat have bus facilities for children. It is suggested to inquire about the bus timings and fees at the time of admission.

9. What is taught to children at playgroups in Surat?
The playgroup curriculum is designed to promote communication skills, learning by exploration, language readiness, cognitive development, theme-based concept time, encouraging positive peer interaction, opportunities for fine and gross motor development, and so on.

10. What is the admission procedure for playgroup in Surat?
In most playschools, parents have to fill up an admission form with some  information. Some playschools in Surat have an online registration facility.

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    Greetings from the Coordinator!

      Dear Parents,

      At VIBGYOR Kids, we strive to impart the skills that stays with our learners for life and prepare them to take on the challenges in our forever competitive world. As an institution, we take immense pleasure to establish physical and emotional wellbeing of our learners in a comfortable and warm environment.

      Modern learning is primarily about freedom to explore, experiment and express. As teachers, this becomes our responsibility to let our learners be gifted with curiosity and enriching experiences. We bestow them with our love and care which makes them feel at ease in no time.

      We are perpetually committed in engaging young minds, responding to their queries and encouraging the formation of healthy habits.

      Ms. Anupama Jha
      VIBGYOR KIDS – Magdalla

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