At VIBGYOR, we greatly prioritise secure student transportation through our extensive fleet of school buses, which collectively cover thousands of routes every day. We are committed to provide our buses with the highest levels of safety, technology, comfort, quality and service, supplemented with comprehensive training for both, women and men staff members. The drivers are first verified by the local authorities and then specially retrained with a clear emphasis on adhering to all traffic rules at all times, minimal honking when required, driving at optimal speeds, children sensitization programmes, maintaining superior hygiene in all areas of the vehicle and all other aspects of student travel which involve safety, comfort and finally, a delightful journey.

Salient features of our student transportation services are:

  • Live Streaming CCTV

    All our buses are fitted with multiple CCTVs,
    which also live stream on our transportation app.

  • Trained Drivers

    Our verified drivers have been extensively trained on multiple
    child-specific parameters, thereby ensuring that every
    bus ride of your child will be a memorable one.

  • Trained Female Staff On-Board

    We also ensure that every school bus has at least one female attendant on-board. Our female attendants have
    been trained to specifically ensure safety of all our students; with a keen emphasis on girl
    student safety and comfort during bus rides to and back from school.

  • GPS Tracking

    In addition to our live streaming facility, our buses are also fitted with
    GPS tracking systems so you can track your child
    with complete ease on our transportation app map.

  • ID Card Readers

    All our buses are fitted with ID Card Readers. Our cards ensure maximum student
    security and tracking, while also minimising incorrect
    or unauthorised boarding.

  • Speed Monitor

    All our buses come fitted with speed monitors,
    to ensure speed limits are adhered to at all times.

  • Regular Vehicle Check-ups

    All our buses are subject to stringent and regular motor check-ups,
    especially with regard to tyres, brakes, rear mirrors, emergency
    exits and sanitisation with disinfectants.

  • Driver Verification

    Our bus drivers and other staff members have been formally verified by the
    local governing authorities and the transportation department
    to ensure complete peace of mind.

  • Safety Devices

    Our buses also come fitted with additional safety devices like
    first aid kits, fire extinguishers and
    unctioning emergency exits

  • SMS Alerts

    Get SMS notifications on your registered mobile number every
    time your child boards in or off the school bus,
    enabled via intelligent student ID cards.

  • Verified Drop-Offs

    Staff members of our buses have been trained to only drop off
    students with pre-assigned guardians or caretakers.
    This ensures their overall safety.

  • Live Helpline

    In addition, we also have a live helpline number, which focuses on
    swiftly resolving any transportation related issue,
    which might have arised.