Jay Chauhan

There was a time when we thought about how online classes were going to work for such little children but now we have a virtual school session every day! The quality of education was not compromised at any point of time and we are so relieved to see that our daughter’s future is in safe hands. Thank you for putting so much effort for our children so that they can keep learning. Even though, my daughter is only in pre-primary, I am really glad that she is getting a 360-degree learning experience even at home. We are truly blessed to be part of VIBGYOR Kids.

Jayita Ganguly

My daughter is now studying in Junior KG at VIBGYOR Kids and I am really impressed to see the way she has blossomed in the last three years, ever since she has been going to playschool.
What I like the most about this school is their well-designed curriculum, which is not only analytical but also highly conceptualized. The concepts are very well-taught in class and reinforced from time to time through multiple activities. The teachers take special efforts to make the class as interesting and interactive as possible. The school greatly works toward the holistic development of the child.
I sincerely thank the school team and the teachers for extending all their help and support in bringing out the best in my daughter!

Akansha Goel

VIBGYOR has met our expectations for overall development in terms of communication, intellectual and extra-curricular activities. I find the techniques and teaching methods for nourishing these kids extremely encouraging.
We genuinely thank the management for making a seamless transition from physical to virtual school in the current situation. We are glad to have chosen this school for our son’s academic journey and are blessed to be part of the VIBGYOR family.

Yogita Sharma

Lately, one of the biggest challenges which young parents face is to select the right school for their child. We, too, scouted many schools and finally zeroed down on VIBGYOR Kids due to various factors that made it stand out from the others. The teachers at VIBGYOR pay utmost attention to every minute detail and their invaluable feedback during PTI has immensely helped our child. The quality of the study material is top-notch and the teachers strive really hard to ensure that the child not only excels academically but also cultivates good morals and values.

Gaurav Oza

Teachers at VIBGYOR have greatly helped my daughter overcome her shyness. Difficult concepts are made easier for students which provide a valuable learning experience for them. We appreciate all the teachers and their efforts. Thank you!

Mohan Keswani

VIBGYOR Virtual Learning Sessions are engaging and interactive. Students are encouraged to participate in learning activities. Teachers ensure that these activities have fun elements which make it interesting for children. We are also grateful to the VIBGYOR Support Team for their timely assistance. Thank you for all your efforts.

Kirti Tewari

My daughter has been studying at VIBGYOR since nearly eight -nine years now. I must say that the level of confidence she has acquired due to her schooling has been incredible. Her school gives utmost attention to the overall development of a child’s personality – whether it is sports, performing arts or academics. The child is nurtured in every way. Thank you to Team VIBGYOR!

Sarika Lalwani

Our son Kevin has been studying in VIBGYOR since Nursery. VIBGYOR’s innovative ways of teaching concepts have made a great impact on him. Due to practical lesson plans and energetic implementation by his teachers brings out a balanced inquisitiveness in children. I have seen my son’s talent unfolding step-by-step and his understanding growing day by day.

His teachers take all their efforts to explain the topics in the best possible way. Children are moulded to face the future with confidence and a positive approach. We express our deep gratitude to all teachers and staff of VIBGYOR for this wonderful contribution to make our Indian children shine globally.