Jay Chauhan

There was a time when we thought about how online classes were going to work for such little children but now we have a virtual school session every day! The quality of education was not compromised at any point of time and we are so relieved to see that our daughter’s future is in safe hands. Thank you for putting so much effort for our children so that they can keep learning. Even though, my daughter is only in pre-primary, I am really glad that she is getting a 360-degree learning experience even at home. We are truly blessed to be part of VIBGYOR Kids.


Initial impressions and the selection:
We noticed that the moment we entered the premises, we were in awe of VIBGYOR’s professionalism and capable security systems and their meticulous and warm staff.
Teaching methods and adaptability:
After COVID, adapting to video calls was done very well – the length of the session is ideal – not too much and not too less – with multiple breaks in between and various fun activities included as well.
Our child’s transformation:
We are very happy with the engaging lessons that are taught along with various fun experiments carried out. The syllabus is pretty deep, which I feel is a great thing since we often underestimate our children. They learn so many things so fast, so it is always better to teach them more when they are young.
We are indeed blessed to have our child study in VIBGYOR.

Rashmi Keshwani

It is our privilege to have been associated with VIBGYOR Kids – Malad right from its inception. After all these years, VIBGYOR is now like our extended family. We offer our utmost gratitude to all the teachers for being kind and nurturing; and at the same time encouraging active learning for optimal growth. We truly appreciate the entire staff and management team for always being approachable, courteous and professional during our interactions.

Our child’s association with VIBGYOR Kids is deeply helping in building a strong foundation and we are positive that it will give them large wings to fly in the future.

Jayita Ganguly

My daughter is now studying in Junior KG at VIBGYOR Kids and I am really impressed to see the way she has blossomed in the last three years, ever since she has been going to playschool.
What I like the most about this school is their well-designed curriculum, which is not only analytical but also highly conceptualized. The concepts are very well-taught in class and reinforced from time to time through multiple activities. The teachers take special efforts to make the class as interesting and interactive as possible. The school greatly works toward the holistic development of the child.
I sincerely thank the school team and the teachers for extending all their help and support in bringing out the best in my daughter!

Deepak Mohan

Covid-19 pandemic hit the world last year and all schools were closed, bringing life to a sudden halt. But VIBGYOR acted fast and came up with the virtual platform of learning, which is really effective.

Our daughter has been able to learn new things, and has been really excited about the activities and tasks. The virtual PTM too was very effective and interactive, where we could discuss in detail with the teacher on our daughter’s overall progress and areas of improvement. We are really looking forward for more of these virtual connects. Thank you for all your efforts.

Mahesh Chandra Bhat

This year has been a big challenge with these unusual circumstances and the way VIBGYOR has worked upon the curriculum to suit the online learning needs is highly commendable and we as parents are very happy to associate our little one with VIBGYOR.

We have observed the teachers have also been going the extra mile to ensure children and parents are at ease with online learning and absolutely nothing is compromised with the child’s learning process.

Debashree Sarkar

As parents of a four-year-old who would be starting formal School for the first time, we were quite impressed when we visited VIBGYOR. The curriculum and the School Infrastructure appealed to us and that is when we decided to enroll her into VIBGYOR. The best part of VIBGYOR is that it gives a lot of stress on extracurricular activities so that the child knows his/her area of interest from a very early age. The pre-primary teachers know their job very well and are very patient in handling the little ones. Online teaching too is being managed very well with immense persistence and perseverance of teachers, making the virtual classes a highly interactive mode of learning.

Puja Ahlawat

Thank you for all your support at VIBGYOR in making these online classes a huge hit and equally engaging. Initially, we had a lot of apprehensions about online learning; however, you have done a fabulous job of not only making it participative but also engaging each and every kid. Despite the strength of the class, you made every effort to involve each and every child by asking questions and acknowledging their responses positively. Thank you again!

Nishitha Hegde

At VIBGYOR, teachers ensure that every student is participating in the activities as well as within a short span trying to touch base as many concepts as possible through interactive sessions. While we initially heard about VIBGYOR virtual sessions, we were in a dilemma how it would be productive for such small children.
After some time, we realised that the way the classes were getting conducted online along with curriculum planning done is extremely effective and we can clearly see this improvement in our child.

Tanushree Biswas

We would like to convey our gratitude to the entire fraternity at VIBGYOR by imparting world-class education to children and making education so engaging and interactive even in the virtual scenario. We could see remarkable changes in our daughter’s knowledge as well as social-virtual interactions. We are really happy with Haralur branch and would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude for shaping our child’s future.