Swati Gautam

In today’s era of online classes, it is often difficult to engage young children into a new learning system. Although a virtual class cannot replicate the exact environment of physical classes but through his dedicated teacher, my son has learnt many things and he is now a lot more attention in his virtual classes. We also love the puppets characters that the teacher brings in to explain various concepts. Keep it up!

Krithika Vignesh

Our son as been studying in VIBGYOR Kids – Haralur. We are very happy with school. The way of approaching to the kids is amiable with the decorum. We want to thank all teachers and management team of VIBGYOR for putting wonderful efforts in this pandemic situation as well.

Lynn Jacob

I am glad to share that the school management has done tremendous efforts in conducting the online classes during this pandemic. I truly appreciate their great work in nurturing and developing children’s academic skills as well as activity-based skills in the best ways possible.
The school always ask for feedback from parents, so as to keep improving in an effective manner.
I am really satisfied and happy that I chose VIBGYOR Kids for my child.

Bincy Dey

The pandemic that we all are going through was unfortunate and unforeseen. However, the academics in VIBGYOR was not compromised at all, and was in fact, quite exceptional in the current situation. We are now comfortable and confident about VIBGYOR as a great institution for children to begin their education. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the faculties of VIBGYOR who made the it possible.

Glory Jemmiamma

The VIBGYOR curriculum is designed to ignite young minds and create an atmosphere for efficient collaborative learning. Virtual sessions are very interactive and innovative way of teaching concepts made her great impact and she has acquired the confidence level. Digital learning system makes the effective use of technology through online learning modules.

Akansha Goel

VIBGYOR has met our expectations for overall development in terms of communication, intellectual and extra-curricular activities. I find the techniques and teaching methods for nourishing these kids extremely encouraging.
We genuinely thank the management for making a seamless transition from physical to virtual school in the current situation. We are glad to have chosen this school for our son’s academic journey and are blessed to be part of the VIBGYOR family.

Ankush Marwah

Early Childhood is the most ideal phase to grow your child’s strength, discipline, and activity which VIBGYOR provides. During our school search, we were looking for a balance between academic and extra-curricular activities.
After researching all options in Mumbai, we found that VIBGYOR’s syllabus gives equal concentration on each child’s mental as well as physical development. I have seen a stark change in my son’s public-speaking confidence level. He was earlier a shy child and I truly appreciate the way his teachers have worked with him and encouraged him to speak during the sessions. They worked with us too, constantly take our feedback and improvising on their efforts. My son loves having his great teachers around, who are nurturing and fun and at the same time, also encourage growth. He loves his friends and the fun activities. We are truly delighted with how our child is embraced, nurtured, and supported by the teachers and staff.

Aanal Desai

We spent a few weeks visiting schools in the area that we felt would be best for our twin children. Upon entering VIBGYOR premises, we immediately knew that we had found the right place for our young twins.
All their teachers have shown so much genuine love, creativity, and enthusiasm which continues to grow every day!
VIBGYOR has an excellent and positive environment for a child’s development. The teachers and staff deeply value quality education and individual growth, which we can see with the way the teachers are handling the virtual sessions during the new normal of the pandemic period. Our children’s vocabulary has increased dramatically and their ability to do the lessons in class and complete their work has amazed us. We could not imagine how our kids would have progressed through this past year without the help and support of the VIBGYOR family!
We are extremely proud to be part of the VIBGYOR family, and highly recommend this school@

Nilkant Sastri

Our son started his academic journey at VIBGYOR in the pandemic year – 2020. Due to COVID, he was unfortunately not able to experience the new school atmosphere which he was really looking forward to. But we greatly appreciate the sincere effort of the school in conducting the online classes so smoothly. The classes have been very engaging and my son eagerly waits to meet his new friends and teachers online. Special thanks to his teachers who keep the children engaged and constantly encourage them to participate in the class activities. We would also like to thank team VIBGYOR for the quick turnaround time to set up an efficient online learning platform.

Kumar Palike

To be honest, we were apprehensive about online classes for our son during the lockdown. We thought he may not be able to learn anything from online classes at this young age. But when his classes started, we were proved wrong with each passing day. Not only he was able to learn new things and skills but we also witnessed him adjusting to the new technology briskly. VIBGYOR Kids online sessions are well-organised and highly interactive. The manner in which teachers pay attention to each student is commendable. Their teaching and engaging skills are simply extra-ordinary! Kudos to the dedication they put in every day. We are happy overall.