Vishal Verma

I never had second thoughts about enrolling my daughter at VIBGYOR Kids and my decision was proved to be right.
At VIBGYOR, they are using numerous innovative ways of teaching alongwith technology, which have collectively made a great impact on my child.

My daughter is thoroughly enjoying these online sessions as they are interactive and keep her engaged to make never miss her virtual classes. Along with the personal care provided by her teacher Ms. Sneha, I see my kid groomed and nurtured very well. I have just one thing to say, keep it up and I love the way you take care of my daughter.

Dr. Partho Baruah

While we are facing numerous challenges of the new normal, even our children are fast adjusting to the new ways of teaching and learning. After many interactive sessions of Virtual Online Classes, today as parents, we can proudly say that my daughter is having fun and enjoying each and every session of her virtual classroom. We are very grateful to her class teacher for going out of the way in taking the extra effort to make every child comfortable and responsive.

Dr. Sumit Gaur

Our son joined VIBGYOR Kids in March 2020 and as parents, we were very anxious regarding virtual learning processes but to our surprise, their teaching patterns are so creative and fun that my son began to really enjoy his sessions. He is much more interactive and curious to learn about anything that gets his attention. A special thanks to his teacher, Ms. Sowmya, for her patience as she never misses to answer any questions asked by children in class.

Prajnya Maller

We got our admission for our son at Vibgyor Kids, Balewadi based on feedback from few of our friends who have their children studying here. I’m delighted to say that the teacher was extremely patient and approachable with everything. The weekly PTI sessions helped a lot and her suggestions were so welcoming and helpful that it gave us a new perspective on how we could make this happen, together. The classes were so much fun and interactive that, honestly, we as parents also started enjoying them and our son would look forward to classes every day. The overall choice of content, themes and activities are very neatly done and well-structured.

Vivek Ganesh

We chose VIBGYOR Kids for our son as we heard that the school is renowned for providing high quality education and is also equally focused on the holistic development of the child. We were naturally anxious with the onset of the pandemic situation and online mode of learning but our fears have proven to be unconfined. The quality of teaching, the curriculum content, and the manner in which the topics are taught and revised is truly remarkable.

Yogita Sharma

Lately, one of the biggest challenges which young parents face is to select the right school for their child. We, too, scouted many schools and finally zeroed down on VIBGYOR Kids due to various factors that made it stand out from the others. The teachers at VIBGYOR pay utmost attention to every minute detail and their invaluable feedback during PTI has immensely helped our child. The quality of the study material is top-notch and the teachers strive really hard to ensure that the child not only excels academically but also cultivates good morals and values.

Piyush Yadav

I would like to deeply thank all the teachers of VIBGYOR Kids, especially Ms Esther and Ms Pooja for all their efforts and hard work to help my child learn better. I have seen immense growth in my son in the last few months and I feel happy to have chosen VIBGYOR. He is always excited to go to school and is always talking about his new friends when he is back at home. Lately, he has also been asking a lot of questions, showing healthy inquisitiveness and has also become well-mannered and polite. His social skills are also improving and I see him performing well in his academics.
He does not hesitate to ask for help if he does not happen to know something. Thank you again to the teaching staff; I know it is not easy to manage so many young children, all at once and also to teach them at the same time. You are doing a commendable job. Kudos!

Gaurav Oza

Teachers at VIBGYOR have greatly helped my daughter overcome her shyness. Difficult concepts are made easier for students which provide a valuable learning experience for them. We appreciate all the teachers and their efforts. Thank you!

Rupert Dinesh

We are very glad to have received the VIBGYOR EduBridge Scholarship for our daughter Karen. Her scholarship has been of great help to us. We want to thank the teachers and the management team of VIBGYOR for granting the mentioned scholarship to our daughter.

Mohan Keswani

VIBGYOR Virtual Learning Sessions are engaging and interactive. Students are encouraged to participate in learning activities. Teachers ensure that these activities have fun elements which make it interesting for children. We are also grateful to the VIBGYOR Support Team for their timely assistance. Thank you for all your efforts.