Ankush Marwah

Early Childhood is the most ideal phase to grow your child’s strength, discipline, and activity which VIBGYOR provides. During our school search, we were looking for a balance between academic and extra-curricular activities.
After researching all options in Mumbai, we found that VIBGYOR’s syllabus gives equal concentration on each child’s mental as well as physical development. I have seen a stark change in my son’s public-speaking confidence level. He was earlier a shy child and I truly appreciate the way his teachers have worked with him and encouraged him to speak during the sessions. They worked with us too, constantly take our feedback and improvising on their efforts. My son loves having his great teachers around, who are nurturing and fun and at the same time, also encourage growth. He loves his friends and the fun activities. We are truly delighted with how our child is embraced, nurtured, and supported by the teachers and staff.

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