Aanal Desai

We spent a few weeks visiting schools in the area that we felt would be best for our twin children. Upon entering VIBGYOR premises, we immediately knew that we had found the right place for our young twins.
All their teachers have shown so much genuine love, creativity, and enthusiasm which continues to grow every day!
VIBGYOR has an excellent and positive environment for a child’s development. The teachers and staff deeply value quality education and individual growth, which we can see with the way the teachers are handling the virtual sessions during the new normal of the pandemic period. Our children’s vocabulary has increased dramatically and their ability to do the lessons in class and complete their work has amazed us. We could not imagine how our kids would have progressed through this past year without the help and support of the VIBGYOR family!
We are extremely proud to be part of the VIBGYOR family, and highly recommend this [email protected]

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