Piyush Yadav

I would like to deeply thank all the teachers of VIBGYOR Kids, especially Ms Esther and Ms Pooja for all their efforts and hard work to help my child learn better. I have seen immense growth in my son in the last few months and I feel happy to have chosen VIBGYOR. He is always excited to go to school and is always talking about his new friends when he is back at home. Lately, he has also been asking a lot of questions, showing healthy inquisitiveness and has also become well-mannered and polite. His social skills are also improving and I see him performing well in his academics.
He does not hesitate to ask for help if he does not happen to know something. Thank you again to the teaching staff; I know it is not easy to manage so many young children, all at once and also to teach them at the same time. You are doing a commendable job. Kudos!