Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

As per consistent scientific research, the first seven years of a child’s life are the most crucial, since nearly 90% of the brain’s development occurs during this period.

At VIBGYOR Kids, we are thus focused on knowledge frameworks that encompass a progressive pattern of relevant and purposeful learning experiences, while catering to all the developmental needs of the student. A well-researched curriculum designed by our experts ensures a significant contribution to a student’s overall growth.

The integrated and interdisciplinary approach, along with purposeful and engaging activities, ensures that all our children are active learners. The methodology ensures that learning is thought provoking and empowering and forms a part of the fundamental building blocks of future complex ‘21st-century skills’

Few salient features of our curriculum are:

  • Modern and Research-based

    Our curriculum is an engaging mélange of modern developments in Early Childhood Education combined with the traditional contributions of well-renowned Early Childhood Educationists like John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Maria Montessori, Friedrich Froebel and Erik Erikson to name a few.

    This blend between past and present curriculums results in a supreme end-product, which is the core of the VIBGYOR Kids Curriculum. The VIBGYOR academic team periodically updates the same via relevant research and studies, primarily focusing on the ever-changing parameters of the teaching-learning process. We, at VIGBYOR Kids, perpetually strive for high quality, immersive and interdisciplinary curriculums by infusing pedagogical techniques and methodologies, which are tailored to give our young students the balanced edge they need in today’s fast paced times.

  • Integrated and Thematic

    The curriculum follows an Integrated Learning Approach to ensure a balanced focus for the student in the above mentioned developmental milestones. Theme-based learning experiences are integrated in all domains ensuring that skills and concepts are learnt in a meaningful context, while also enhancing the overall learning output.

  • Developmental Milestones

    The VIBGYOR Kids curriculum has been specifically designed to encompass all milestones of student development – Sensory and Perceptual, Cognitive, Linguistic, Social-Emotional, Creative, Physical and Personal. The curriculum is progressively age-appropriate and is planned keeping in mind the universal developmental milestones of students aged between two to six years. It is in-sync with various stages of child growth and development, which in turn lays a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

  • High Quality Digital Content

    In order to supplement traditional classroom learning, a proportion of our curriculum is also implemented digitally via a Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS platform gives students an experience of customised, immersive and age-appropriate digital content.

    The HD digital content at VIBGYOR Kids, namely digital stories, songs and games are customised to scientifically align with the learning objectives, which are embedded in all the lesson plans. Various inbuilt features and plug-ins make our digital platform a unique tool which enables our teachers to visualise, plan and deliver their lessons in an efficient manner, along with having access to a comprehensive student progress dashboard tracker.

    To facilitate implementation of the above, every classroom is equipped with an HD projector, speakers and high-speed internet connectivity.