Vibgyor Kids Online Preschool(Virtual Learning)

The curriculum at VIBGYOR KIDS follows a blended pattern, which is essentially a mix of futuristic digital learning content along with traditional classroom experiences. The digital resources at VIBGYOR Kids are a mix of virtual classes, HD stories, songs, flashcards and interactive games to supplement the curriculum designed by the VIBGYOR content development team.

Keeping in mind all factors, VIBGYOR Kids students are only given access to the digital modules for roughly 20% of study time, which is around 15 minutes a day, with the balance dedicated towards person-to-person learning methodologies.

Online preschool learning classes at home for kids

Vibgyor Kids offers the best programs for kids. With our online preschool learning classes at home for kids.

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  • 20 % syllabus for
    Digital learning

  • 15   minutes

  • Scientific blend
    between modern and

  • Classrooms
    equipped with the
    latest virtual

  • Comprehensive
    programmes for
    VIBGYOR Virtual